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To Crawl or Not To Crawl


Georgia and Jackson just turned 9 months old the other day and I can hardly believe it. One thing that has been a constant struggle with boy/girl twins is not comparing their development. When our pediatrician first explained this I just nodded my head like “duh, they’re two different people , they’re two different sexes. ..it won’t be that hard”. It is hard! At each new development that one makes I’m questioning why the other hasn’t done the same thing. Our doctor reminds us that Jackson and Georgia are two different people and assures us that they are both healthy and growing and developing at exactly the rate they are supposed to….but that still doesn’t make me feel any better when it comes to the crawling thing.
Jackson has basically been crawling since 6 1/2 months while Georgia seems to be content with her latest achievement of sitting up unassisted. I try to give her plenty of belly time and encourage her with toys just out of reach, but the best she has is what I like to call the “penguin slide”. She doesn’t actually slide but she raises her legs up and her arms up and back as if she was, well, a penguin, gently careening down a slide of ice. I swear the look on her face is like she fully expects that this will get her where she wants to go followed by a grunt as if to say “why isn’t this working?!”.
I’ve recently started doing a little research to see when babies should be crawling and what I’ve learned is that babies can start crawling anywhere from 6 to 10 months. So, if by Georgia’s 10 month birthday, she has not started crawling, I will inform her to start crawling. Ok.. Obviously that won’t work, but it would be nice. She is so observant I wouldn’t be surprised if she just looked at me and said “Finally Mom, geeze, why didn’t you just say so?”. Or maybe she’s been crawling this whole time but thinks it’s funny to A: watch me get all flustered and B: make me think that it’s Jackson that’s knocking everything over. Really. I would not be surprised.
We have a doctor’s appointment in a few days so I will be talking to their pediatrician about it. She’ll probably roll her eyes and repeat herself for the billionth time but, whatever, maybe I need to hear it again. Whatever the case it will be good to either hear that she’s fine or that maybe there’s some more we can do to gently urge our little penguin along.
In the meantime, for all you parents of twins out there; just repeat over and over “they are two different people, they are two different people……..” at some point it may actually sink in.
For all the non parents out there; just lather, rinse, repeat.