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Dear Inventors:


Pretty tired tonight. There are still a lot of bugs that need to be worked out as far as bedtime with Jackson is concerned. While I was yawning and rubbing his back I thought of a couple inventions I would like to see:

1. Mommy Dummy – I suppose this one would be easy enough but perhaps too creepy. Seriously, just a dummy you can set up in your twins’ nursery so if they wake up at 3 am and look for you, there “you” will be and they can drift peacefully back to sleep.

2. Automatic Back Rub – This simple device would work similar to a porch light. Whenever there’s enough movement in the crib or a loud enough cry, the Automatic Back Rub springs into action safely rubbing my child’s back until he falls back to sleep.

These are the things that I think about as I’m sitting with my head pressed against the crib, arm falling asleep stuck between the bars, and perhaps a little drool slowly making it’s way down my exhausted face.
G’night…for now.



Friends With Benefits


Okay, so I know that in a recent post I delighted in the wonders of staying at home, but I feel I need to talk a little…no, sing the praises of getting out too. I don’t really mean the friggin’ mall, or the grocery store, or even a walk for that matter. What I’m talking about is time with friends. The ones that love your children. Really. Not to say that everybody you know doesn’t love your children but, let’s face it, there are some people out there that just aren’t “kid people”. You know them, you love them, but when you try to put a kid in their arms they stiff up like the walking dead. I used to be one of those people. Not so entranced by children. Different story now but I can remember when I was pregnant and people would hold their babies in my face like; “Oh look aren’t they cute! This is what yours are going to look like when they come out!”. I would just tilt my head, look the parent in the eye, and say: “Really? Thank you. Because I was worried for a second there that I was going to be giving birth to puppies.” Oh, hormones.
Anyway, I’ve gotten a little off-track.
Spending time at a friend’s house is great. We have a weekly dinner get-together with a group of friends that I always look forward to. Not just because I thoroughly enjoy these people and their company, but also because they also love mine and the babies’….aaaaannd it’s a nice break. There. I said it.
I get to socialize while the twins are lovingly passed around from one “aunty” or “uncle” to the next and I can still be right there if they need to eat or be changed. It’s great for the twins because they get to interact with other faces besides mine and it’s great for me because I get a little break without having to arrange a babysitter. It’s a new thing I will call Semi-Babysitting…or Mommy Playdates. Whatever I call it, it works.