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Sleepy time success?


So I woke up this morning and I couldn’t remember whether or not I had to get up in the middle of the night to soothe Jackson back to sleep. I got a little excited thinking that my diligence over the last three nights has paid off but I asked Rob just to make sure. Yes! I actually did get a decent night’s sleep. Here’s what I did for three nights in a row:
I put Georgia in the other room for initial bedtime so Jackson wouldn’t wake her up by screaming or crawling on her face. I put Jackson in the crib and rubbed his back. When he sat up, I kissed his little head and left the room. He cried. For ten minutes. Then I went back in the room. As soon as I came in he knew the drill (by the second night) and laid down for me to rub his back. This happened about two more times until the back rubbing finally put him to sleep. When he would wake up periodically throughout the night, I would not take him out of the damn crib! To all non-parents out there; easier said than done. The first two nights I had to go in about every two to three hours but he was starting to catch on and falling back to sleep easier. So night three I only had to soothe him once and then I got to sleep in my bed with my husband, uninterrupted. Epic.
This all may seem a little boring for non-parents out there but I just had to share something that worked with other parents. That’s part of the reason I started this blog in the first place…that and, just like millions of other bloggers, I apparently like to see myself talk.
So. For parents and non-parents alike:
Go The **** to Sleep as narrated by Samuel L. Jackson


Sleep schedule… or lack thereof


We like to call Georgia “Angel Butt”. Not just because she looks like one but because she goes to sleep like one too. The difference between Jackson and Georgia’s nighttime ritual is night and day. Pun totally intended.
When bedtime rolls around(about 9:30pm)I will finish nursing them and then I can lay Georgia down, sometimes still awake, and she will put her thumb in her mouth, reach for her Teddy Cat, and go gently to sleep. Jackson is a whole other story. If I’m lucky, he will fall asleep breast feeding and I can then lay him geeeeeeeennnnnttttly down and he might stay asleep. Lately this has not been the case.
I start by putting him in the crib with his Teddy Bear kissing him and patting his back. Before I can leave the room he has already started wailing. I have done a lot of research regarding “cry-it-out” and, let’s say, “NOT cry-it-out” methods and I thought(against my mother’s constant advice) that the not crying it out method made more sense. I don’t anymore. I actually don’t know how I feel. I’ve been trying to let him cry it out. I’ll let him go for about ten minutes and then go in and comfort him without taking him out of the crib. I will do this about two or three times until he finally tires out/gives up and I am sitting there with my face pressed against the bars of the crib and my hand wedged between them rubbing his little exhausted back.
If you live in Anchorage and you see a lethargic mother of twins walking around with crib marks permanently indented into her face… be gentle, she hasn’t had much sleep.