Smooth Operation



After a brief hiatus, I’m back with new material.

In a previous post I commented on how I needed to take on less stuff to reduce my stress level…..and didn’t.
But then I did.
Hence the no blogging.

While I was away from blog-land, Georgia had her umbilical hernia operated on.
She was born with her hernia and we were not expecting to have it fixed until she was around a year old. We were surprised when the surgeon, during a check up, said she was ready that following week.
The thing that made me the most nervous was not so much the surgery itself but the anesthesia. I read the frightening information available concerning anesthesia so I was informed but freaked. It is frightening because there is a vey small percentage of a likelihood of death. For some reason I knew in my heart she would be okay but I was still nervous.
Thank goodness the hospital had a great gift shop to help keep my head distracted.
My husband was a great pilar of support:


And a thoughtful friend offered to watch Jackson:


Georgia made it through her surgery and anesthesia just fine. I would, however, love to have been able to know what she was thinking as she was going under. Only because the last time I went under I just kept repeating “the snozzberries taste like snozzberries!!!”


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