Meltdown anyone?


So I’m pretty sure I had my first in a presumably long line of mommy meltdowns yesterday. I’m guessing it was pretty mild but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t disturbing.
I was driving with the twins to a weekly family dinner(which I look so forward to)when I felt crying coming on. Okay so, I’m not a crier. I don’t cry at hallmark commercials, when my feelings are hurt, or old yeller…although I did shed a little tear when MIchael Jackson died. Anyway, I found the crying thing strange; the kids were sleeping in their carseats(not screaming)and nothing bad had happened earlier that day. So I start to analyze the situation. Why am I crying? Well, when you are already crying and then start thinking of more reasons for crying….it just makes more crying….which equals breakdown.
Part of me is almost proud that I have made it 8 1/2 months without having one of these, and the other half of me is doing damage control. The conclusion?
1. I am exhausted and need to commit to teaching Jackson to sleep through the night.
2. I need to not overwhelm myself with too many side projects.
3. I need to ask for help when, ultimately, I do end up overwhelming myself.
4. I get to remember that I have two beautiful babies. So when they’re grown up billionaires and I’m sitting in the mansion they bought for us and playing parcheesi with the president, it’ll all be worth it.
Who am I kidding?
I don’t even know how to play parcheesi.



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